Saragoths Launch Event

Welcome to UE Studio Launch Event

Thank you for visiting this page, we have a lot to talk about with you so please stick around and read through our page carefully.

Djarni Braithwaite

CEO, Founder

Who Are We?

UE Studio is a startup independent content creating company. We make our own comics and publish them for free online for everyone to read and enjoy. Right now the company is only run by two people, Djarni Braithwaite, and Demar Swack, with the help of a lot of our friends and family where they can. Djarni Braithwaite is responsible for all works done on the comic and publishing side of the company so far, as well as website presentation while Demar Swack focuses on making our first game prototype by himself.  We have a big dream of making a company that does Comics, Video Games, and Anime/Cartoon shows.

Some of our other works

So far we have made one other comic called Grandmaster which has been on hiatus for a while after we lost our previous artist a few months ago. The new artist is trying as fast as they can to get the comic back onto its normal monthly schedule. We will resume uploads on January 2019.

Grandmaster can be read here for free:

Webtoons Click to visit
Tapas Click to visit
Smackjeeves Click to visit
Popcomics Click to visit
UE Comics Click to visit

Why have we brought you here?

The simple and straightforward answer is that we need your Help!

We aren’t artists so we hire freelancers to help us put our ideas into a comic form for everyone to read and enjoy visually. We have been doing this successfully for about 2 years now, doing little side gigs here and there to fund this passion of ours and we even got a second job. The company idea started six years ago but we could really only start putting our all into it because of circumstance about two years ago.

Which bring us here to today. We will finally be launching our new comic “Saragoths” after talking about the project for quite some. We can release it free to everyone in January 2019, but we need your help to secure this project’s next 6 months.


saragoth shot1

The artist Sole have been working with us for about 8 months now and he took on the project in February 2018 when his workload was relatively slow. We pitched him the project he advise us on how to go about production even giving us a generous discount on his page rate, but as this is his source of income, we can’t guarantee that we can keep that same page rate or that we can keep him because he has to make a living just as much as we all do. 

We love his work and we would love your help in helping us retain him for the completion of the Saragoths series. Working with Sole has been a blast, he takes on the project as it is his own, giving us story suggestions, design ideas and for all of the characters he’s added his personal touch in some shape or form which has always turned out wonderful. He feels like a true member among the writing staff and not just a random freelancer.

Some of Saragoths Characters

Saragoth is one of the many great passion projects we would love to bring to everyone. We have been so excited to bring this series to the world for so long. We have built a lot of wonderful and interesting characters, encounters, set pieces and have already thought out the epic climactic ending that we can’t wait to show everyone (IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!). If only we could make the pages faster.

We will get there eventually, and with your support, we can get there just a little bit faster.

How can you help?

Well, we need to raise some money to secure the first season which is 80 pages long. We have completed the first 20 pages and are reviewing and adding final edits to 15 more so we only have 45 more pages to go and we need some help with getting the funds to finish that 45 more pages.

We don’t just want your money. We want your support so we won’t be asking you to just donate with nothing in return but instead we’re asking to buy some cool stuff.

Help us out, and get some cool stuff for doing it.

Launch Bundle

$25 USD
  • Saragoths Limited Edition Halloween T-Shirt
  • Free Signed Limited Edition Saragoths Issue#1
  • 10% Discount Code Good For 1 Year @ Our Merch Store
  • Free Shipping (US Only)
T-shirt Promo

Bella + Canvas T-shirt

  • 4.2 oz. 100% pre-shrunk combed ringspun cotton jersey; Heather colors are poly/cotton blends
  • Super soft comfortable fabric
  • Coverstitched collar and sleeves for durability
  • Saragoth Simple Logo on back of the shirt

In other words, it feels amazing!


Saragoth Signed Limited Edition #1

  •  20 Page 5 x 7.5 Book
  • 8 Colored pages with another 12 Black & White pages
  • 12 pt Cover with a 1 sided gloss and laminated gloss finish
  • Inside page printed on 85 lb with a matte finish
  • Signed by the artist Sole-jo and Author Djarni Braithwaite
  • Foil stamp signature

This is a one of a kinda print run, our standard prints will be Black & White, with Full Colored soft covers unless its a full Volume (which has multiple issues inside).

These Are Our Goals:

We hope to sell this many units.

Sales Goal Results


We will be able to secure the next 3 Months of Saragoths production.


This is our Main Goal  which will allow us to comfortable work on the next 6 Months of Saragoths production.


We will be able to finish off the Second Print (Issue #2) by the end of the year. You will be sent a PDF of Issue, plus will be able to get a physical copy (if you want) before it is available free to the public on February 2019 the working release date.


This is super awesome as we will be able to push up the timeline on season 1 Teaser animation for Saragoths, a project which is on track for a next summer completion.


Hitting 1000 we will throw in a Free Art Print with everyone's order.


This will allow us to start planning and renegotiating with Sole about the next season or next 6 months.


We haven't plan this far ahead. We will find something else to give you guys as a token of our thanks. We will throw up a poll and have you pick from a few ideas.

Hitting 1000 units we will include this Limited Saragoth 11 x 17 Art Print.

This is what we have in mind for the Art Print. It will be 11 x 17 inch. We might make it bigger or small we will notify you!

Lets Talk Shipping and Production

We don't have the items in stock Read this section carefully!

The Launch event will run from November 20th to December 6th , once it ends we will send in all the orders to the printers to get the items print and sent to us in about 14 days so we can sign the books and art prints and then ship the items out to all of you by January 1st. Might be a little late for the holidays, but we’ll try and get it as close as we can.

We have all of our printers lined up for our T-shirts, Comics and -if we reach the last stretch goal- for the art print. We will have all of them expedite our orders to us. When it comes the one year discount, we plan to include that in your order via our personal Thank You note that will come with your package.

Thank you for your time, you are Amazing! Wonderful! Fantastic! Awesome!

Even if you can’t purchase a t-shirt we think it’s awesome that you even read our story. Our comics are free to read and will always remain free so go enjoy them and share them, because even if we fail to raise the money we will still find a way to make our comics for everyone to enjoy even if our budget is smaller. And hey, if you want to have 5% off at our merch store you can Sign Up here for that as a token of our gratitude.

Share this page with your friends, family, and internet worldwide web. Help us spread the word about our books and company.

Once again from everyone here at UE Studio, we hope you have a wonderful day! 😊