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Don’t worry we are friendly, we don’t bite….. Much 😊

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Well, if that were to happen despite our best efforts we want you to know that you’re covered. In the event that we can’t deliver on our promised items, we’ll refund your money, shipping included (outside US customers). Simple as that, but hopefully we won’t have to do that.


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To help stabilize and increase content production of Saragoths, plain and simple. We don’t plan to use it for anything but that because all of the money from this is just going straight into making more content for those who support us.

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Now, in the case of your shirt coming in the wrong size or damaged, that is a different type of refund and that requires a different type of resolution. If your shirt comes in damaged, is the wrong size or the wrong color all you need to do is contact us with images of the damage and send back the shirt. The printing company we work with will let us exchange shirts if there’s an issue with the shirt so we would like to pass that onto you so that we’re all pleased with the final product.

read our Return and Refund Policy

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Yes you most definitely can make two orders or more and they can even go to separate addresses, just make sure to tell us where you want them to go.

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Due to the time constraints and the way we plan on printing the shirts, no you can’t at this moment. We deeply apologize for that, but it will only come in black and white for now. Want another color it will take longer to get to you if you are ok with that contact us.

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Yes, we do. However, do know that it may take longer than our deadline we set for it to reach you because of the distance.

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While we wish we could give free shipping to everyone, the costs involved with shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and beyond the U.S. means that for now, we can’t offer it. Now, if you do live within the lower 48 states in the U.S and you’re not getting free shipping, contact us and we’ll take a look at what’s going on.

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